Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Stalkers who track and harass their victims in cyberspace have become increasingly adept at covering their own tracks. But now computer scientists and cybersecurity experts are on their trail.

A new computer program called the Predator and Prey Alert (PAPA) system is a forensic toolkit that will allow law enforcement agents to remotely shadow a victim online, then assume control of the victim's computer and interact directly with the stalker. PAPA records all exchanges with the culprit in order to provide high-quality evidence for prosecution.

The system, under development by Florida State University computer science professor Sudhir Aggarwal, takes advantage of the cyberstalker's aggressive and repetitive behavior. It also gives the investigators the ability to intervene directly to protect the victim.

SOURCE: Florida State University, http://www.fsu.edu
Secondary Source: World Future Society http://www.wfs.org/futupoct05.htm

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Executive Teleconference with Michigan CIO, Teri Takai

Teri Takai, Michigan CIO, will be the guest speaker at the Center for Digital Government's next executive teleconference on September 8. Participating members of the Center will gain insight and information on the state's current IT initiatives and future plans.